Company Gate in Hungary – Do I have right for it?

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From 14 July 2018, the possibility is on to specify the rights of the authorized persons on the so-called Company Gate (in Hungarian: „Cégkapu”) platform.

What is Company Gate exactly?

Company Gate is a common electronic mailbox for the companies/entities, which organizes the companies’ correspondences for the representatives or authorized persons. The goal of the system is to completely replace the paper-based mailing in the future, and any communication should happen among authorities and companies/customers through it.

Hungarian companies are entitled (in some cases obliged) to communicate with the authorities according to the Act on E-Administration[1] electronically from 1 January 2018. To be able to meet the above-mentioned deadline, representatives or authorized persons had to complete the Entity Gate registration until 31 December 2017. For the newly incorporated entities, the deadline of the Company Gate registration is 8 days following the date of incorporation.

Company Gate is also a communication platform, where the service provider NISZ Zrt. provides users with a storage space of 300 Mb free, however, the limit of this space can be increased in return for payment. It is worth to emphasize that in case if a user exceeds the limit in the storage space, the incoming e-mail function will be not blocked, however official e-mails cannot be archived.

Who does have access?

Generally, the person who took care of the registration, i.e. the Company Gate agent has the proper rights to make certain settings. This means that each company should have one Company Gate agent at least. However, further people (hereafter Company Gate administrators) can have access to the Company Gate as well if the Company Gate agent added them to a list of authorized persons. Up to this change, there was not any difference between the rights of the Company Gate agents and Company Gate administrators in the specification of the users’ rights, thus many companies decided on the suspension of the Company Gate administrators’ authorization until the availability of this option.

What is the current change for?

This change opened the door to appoint the Company Gate administrators with specific rights.

This means that Company Gate agents can register a group of authorized people who can have access to the inbox and outbox of the companies. I.e. this settings grants more accurate users’ rights. The Company Gate agent can specify the rights so that the lawyer can communicate (including the incoming and outgoing e-mails as well) only with the Court of Registry, the accountant/tax advisor with the Hungarian Tax Authority etc.

How can be the rights specified?

Specification based on the labeling function. Incoming, outgoing e-mails, as well as the archived correspondences, can be marked with “restricted” and “not-restricted” labels. Good to know that labels are not-restricted by default and each authorized person (including Company Gate agents and administrators) can treat (download, replace or delete) the incoming e-mails without any limitation. It is not an option to add the legal representatives of the company to the authorized users during labeling since they are entitled to treat any documents of the company by default.

The following steps shall be followed during the setup of users’ rights:

  1. Company Gate agent has to login to the Company Gate platform via
  2. After the identification, the Company Gate agent needs to create categories under Labelling of the entry space (e.g. receipts of the Hungarian Tax Authority, Financial Statements, Labour Law, Court of Registry etc.) as well as specify these as restricted or not restricted.
  3. Following this step, a set of rules must be created through manual or automatic labeling, which differentiates the rights of users depending on the sender, the addressee, the type of document, the reference number of the document. These settings are available under Settings -> Automatic Labelling Settings.
  4. Authorized people can be allocated to the restricted labels Under Settings -> Company Gate Administration/Restricted Labels. Users’ rights are activated right after the allocation of these authorized people to the above-mentioned labels.

Further settings options are available in Hungarian in the following guideline:

What are the advantages of this setting?

Data protection and accurate authentication of user rights become more important with the new GDPR regulations, therefore the specification and proper settings of users’ rights are crucial for a transparent and accurate operation. In the case of a multinational entity, where certain functions related to the administration are allocated not only for different people but among different countries, the settings of users’ rights are unquestionable.

If some of the abovementioned functions are outsourced to an external service provider, the settings of rights are extremely conclusive as well. On one hand, it supports the daily work/administration with the authorities, on the other hand, it guarantees the receipt and treatment of official e-mails during the annual leave/sickness leave of our colleagues.

In case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

[1] Act CCXXII of 2015 on General Rules of Electronic Administration and Confidential Services



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