The digital solutions are much more appreciated now, during the fight against the daily impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic than ever. There are several technology resources that can make easier the work in the accounting and payroll processes not just in this critical situation but when we turn back to the „business as usual” as well.

As the digital process transformation is the essence of BPiON’s accounting and payroll outsourcing services, we would like to share our knowledge and help you to make your business processes better.

Start with the basics: the documents that are the first steps of almost all accounting workflow.

What does DMS / ECMS mean? How can we take the real benefit from it in accounting and payroll?

DMS – Document Management Systems.​
These are systems that can help you build up a paperless office, by being able to capture and brief data from paper into a digital form.​
It’s important to mention that one of the key features of such systems is easy searchability and they are capable to handle high volume documents without lags, or risk of losing data.​
You can also feed them by other electronic forms of data (e.g electronic invoices) so that they become a structured database.​​

ECMS – Enterprise Content Management System.​
It is the next-generation of DMS, with the added functions of collaboration and managing workflows, responsibilities and sophisticated access rights.​

Many companies already deployed an ERP (Enterprise Management Systems), which manages and governs their value chains in a systemized and workflow-driven manner. However, the focus is on standardization and centralization at these implementations. Therefore, the ERP might not be able to take care of the local requirements. ​
That’s why ECMS has the added function of being able to connect to ERPs, via API / interface. ​

Also, there are companies that don’t work with ERPs, but they would like to tidy up their procedures, also would like to harmonize some systems that they already have. Such systems might not be able to communicate with each other effectively, or it’s very hard to pull data out of them in a structured manner. Likewise, it’s hard to feed them with data, hence manual, or offline procedures remain to push financial, accounting or payroll, HR processes through. An important factor would be to initiate procedures, workflows from such systems, hence ECMS can be a great digital “coordinator” of the process being fed from the data arising from other systems.​

Accounting & payroll documents on the tableFull-scale solutions on the field of Accounting and Payroll outsourcing with the ECMS:

We belive in ECMS because of its flexibility to other systems and capability to manage workflows, documents, business processes, segregation of duties, GDPR proof communication method, data security in a user-friendly and effective way.​

Just a few examples for the possible functions / solutions: ​

  • Archiving accounting documents in a structured way in line with our Client’s needs (project code, cost-center classification)​
  • Giving access to our Clients to retrieve their accounting documents ​
  • Giving access to auditors in order to review invoices included in the general ledger​
  • Giving remote access to authorities to proceed with tax audits​
  • Cooperating with client on the same platform (sending back documents for correction or completion, log deadlines, reporting)​
  • Building up and working on pre-defined workflows based on statutory deadlines​
  • Payroll input / output management solutions. We work based on payroll calendar which defines the deadlines for each parties, the system can log all activities, so we are able to measure and abide to SLA (Service Level Agreement) driven work procedures.

Why can it be good for you?

By using our ECMS solutions, advanced scanning and OCR (Optical character recognition) techniques, you would be able to stop paper flow. Nevertheless, bringing such documents into digital space, you can utilize on structured database abilities, from where you can interpret data easily and speed up decision making or further actions.​​
By our outsourced accounting and payroll services, you access our ECM system in a way, that you can benefit from the accounting and payroll process optimizations and automatization provided by BPiON.  ​

Your accounting and payroll processes will be faster, more secure, more accurate, less errors and the system pays attention that all workflows have a beginning to an end.​
It’s also worth to mention, that by using ECMS we can measure many aspects of the process, so we can take the commitments of SLA based performance, bound by KPIs.

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