Financial reporting in property management – What’s the best way to do it?

Property management related accurate financial reports, statements, complex reconciliations in one hand? All of these from financial experts specialized in this specific area? Would it be possible? Yes. Let me tell you how.

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First of all, some context to this topic: I am Eva Falusy, working as a property accounting specialist at BPiON. In the last 10 years, I have had the opportunity to get a comprehensive inside view and professional experiences in one of the main pillars of property management, namely financial property management (financial reports, budgeting, controlling, and leasing management).

In recent years I have been fortunate enough to work on well-established, international real estate fund portfolios and learn from their experienced asset managers. While doing so, we kept developing the processes, data transmission of property management, to reach the most efficient, transparent, and easiest solutions. When I found the same mindset and values at BPION, I decided to join their real estate finance accounting service team in 2019.


Real estate management has 3 main areas:
property management
+ facility management
+ financial property management

Each pillar is indispensable and in close interaction with each other. For this reason, these areas require the utmost attention, expertise, and commitment. At the same time, each pillar means several complex tasks, which require different skills, wide range of attention, and problem-solving.

Based on our practical experiences, it is advisable to handle the financial property management separately in order to pay sufficient attention to this area.  This would probably shift the focus from the main issue towards classic property management, and perhaps facility management and less or not enough attention could be paid to the financial related issues and reports.

Nevertheless, decisions and transactions of real estate companies require exact figures, controlled income-expenses relations, and the owners must be provided with up-to-date financial reports

As we realized these contradictions and our real estate clients’ needs and problems regarding accounting outsourcing services, we have established an expert group specialized in property-related financial management, who relieves property managers of the burden of financial management and controlling issues, thus ensuring the professional accounting and finance background to the real estate management companies.


How will our Clients benefit from entrusting their financial management to BPiON’s property related-financial expert group?

+ thorough, accurate, precise, transparent, automated reports
comply with the deadlines at the highest level
many years of well-founded professional skills, knowledge
commitment, financial approach
solution orientation, and continuous development
innovation, with real estate specific programs, execution, or cooperation with ERP systems. (for example YARDI, IREMS, CODA)

Learn more about us:

If you have any further questions about property-related financial management services, please contact our experts at the following e-mail address: [email protected]!


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