GDPR again – unleash the opportunities using smart technologies

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) became a hyped law almost a year ago on 25th May 2018 and following to the first months of precipitance of preparation (or purchasing templates…) thousands of legal documentation, now many companies turn their focus on its real matter of creating the IT system capable of delivering the data in a GDPR-compliant way. I call it the second phase of the GDPR hype when the focus should turn to technology solutions rather than legal paperwork.

First, some context. I am the CEO at BPiON Services Ltd., a process and technology-driven CEE focus accounting and payroll outsourcing firm from Budapest, Hungary. The novelty of our service affords us handling exclusive and unprecedented data with high confidential nature from every industry. GDPR should be in our DNA, whatever data we handle.

Is this law really a bottleneck and should generate an extra cost for our Clients or is it a great opportunity to make those wise investment decisions to use smart technology when doing your HR & payroll and accounting activities?

What do you need in order to provide GDPR compliant outsourced accounting and payroll services?

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First of all, it should be part of your strategy. You shouldn’t do it because law enforces you (or your clients) to be compliant, it should be in your DNA. Legacy systems are difficult to change, but if you always hesitated to try outsourced services, you can easily get access to already existing GDPR compliant systems. Economies of scale is the essence of outsourcing. Our ecosystems are born to be GDPR compliant since we always handle confidential Client data while guaranteeing the level of service through various SLAs.

We provide one-stop-shop solutions toward our Clients through access of well-defined ECMS (enterprise content management system) and BPM (business process management) workflows in the processes we develop. A bit of process re-engineering and optimization is needed since only effective processes are to be moved to the digital space. As soon as it’s done, you should be just transparent of not accepting confidential information via emails or calls, keep your certifications and IT architecture healthy, authority access levels fixed and challenge your Clients always to use these smart technologies even better. The logic behind the data storage should be GDPR proof and we should avoid manual and redundant data records, instead develop interfaces and connectors between systems.

Sounds great and easy, right? It is! But you just can’t state as an organization that “we like doing things in this way too.” This is a conceptionally different way of doing things. You need to create a culture and structure in which it can thrive.

Many of our Clients – before GDPR become into force – hesitated to make decisions on accounting and payroll service provider selection, since it required understanding and implementation of new technology to their financial staff, not to mention the time IT departments usually spend on penetration tests of these new systems. Nowadays the cost of being GDPR compliant is way much higher than making the smart decision to move to an outsourced model, in addition by using a new wave provider whose systems are young and were born in parallel to the birth of GDPR, you can be sure it meets such criteria in a much more logical and simplified manner, as no legacy system to disrupt and to get away from. The more you outsource, the more of your HR, payroll and accounting processes can be GDPR compliant right away..

Those outsourcing companies who reach being GDPR compliant while facing intolerable cost increase are just not ready for this new era. The second phase of GDPR hype is all about technology. You either have it or not. You either build your company based on the new skillset digital era requires or you will just generate an avoidable cost for your Clients. You either share the benefits of using smart technologies effective with your Clients or there will be a lot more surprises during the journey of digital transformation.


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Daniela Zsigmond
MD Romania,

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