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BPiON – What does it mean?

Business Process InnovatiON.

We provide new wave accounting, payroll and HR administration outsourcing across Europe utilizing our more than 100 years of combined professional experience, all embraced by technology. We are backed by the smart use of technology, process driven thinking, and more so our battle hardened, cohesive teams, on a regional scale. Our new generation stakeholders come from diverse industries, dedicated to professionalism, commitment and relentlessness in making things happen.


Nearshoring & SSC Support

Our BPO and SSC services combine best practice processes already proven, innovative custom-built technology, and dedicated, battle hardened service teams to either nearshore and offshore or supplement your in-house resources.    

Process & Digital Transformation

Designing, building and implementing process and technology driven organisations to deliver assumed benefits at fixed cost are colossal challenges. We understand these challenges and able to build road maps to effectively and efficiently deal with them. Focus on your core and let BPiON pave you the way to start delivering value for money out of these changes, right away.    


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We are a member of the world’s biggest alliance of independent, leading law, accounting, audit, management consulting and trust firms.
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We know how to manage your payroll processes in a GDPR compliant manner backed up by the use of our smart technology. If you are ready, we are.


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