lightsAccording to Government order nr. 318/2021. (VI. 9.) published in the Hungarian Gazette (number 107.) and came into force on the 9th of July, the taxation of the SZÉP Card will stay favourable.


The new regulation makes much easier the administration of the benefits and gives significant saving for the Employer, contrary to the previous ones, which made the calculation of the individual net limits very hard.


The benefits given in 2021 are not burdened with social security contribution in case of amounts transferred to SZÉP Cards.


Until the end of this year the limit of beneficial taxation will be the following:


• 400.000 HUF for accommodation sub-account

• 265.000 HUF for hospitality sub-account

• 135.000 HUF for leisure sub-account


The yearly limit remains 800.000 HUF in 2021, in the case of government institutions the limit is 400.000 HUF.


Contrary to section 71. of the personal income tax law amounts of the SZÉP Card benefits which were given by the previous Employer do not have to be considered in the second half-year of 2021.


To summarize, only the 15% PIT must be calculated on the SZÉP Card benefits in 2021.