The infinite marathon

This is the time of the year when our profession is utterly busy and not stopping till all the Year-End Financial Statements are not submitted in Hungary.

Heads down, doing your heavyweight efforts, day in day out.

But this is also the time when everyone stopped for a second at the end of the year, looked back and reflected on what went down in 2021, while also busy planning what comes in 2022.

We have the saying at BPiON that “if you want to run fast, run alone, if you want to run far, run together.”

I keep on adding that we run far, like a marathon, but on terrain, and uphill…

On these occasions when one looks back tiredly on a terrain race from one of the peaks of a hill, through the forest, down to the valley where it all started, you suddenly have this fainting dizziness of the enormity and deepness of the space lying in front, sucking you in.

A terrain that you already covered.

That’s what happened to me when I looked back.


When I looked at some numbers:

  • in 2018 we started with 0 colleagues, we, owners assembling the first desks and chairs, now we have reached over 100 colleagues in our region
  • the Budapest operation is the 11th biggest Accounting Firm in Hungary and we expect to shoot into TOP 10 rank this year
  • we grew 50% percent from 2019 to 2020, we grew 30% percent from 2020 to 2021

Based on the statistics, 80% of the newly established companies go bankrupt in 2 years.

Here we are, a fresh company, during a pandemic, where the public loses ground, where digital change demands unseen behavioural and cultural changes, where compliance is not less complex, inflation is ever high, value chains are just catching up in the world.

Against all these challenges we are growing double-digit, with the same management, same owners, still on board, together.

Top of the hill, mountain view, down the valley, up the peak, the sun is shining.


When I asked our key colleagues what they are the proudest from their respective fields in 2021, just reading through all those projects, remembering back their effects and results took me some valuable time to absorb.

It seems by now that the Hungarian operation is very mature and we are building it further piece by piece going forward.

The Hall of Fame projects are not the so-called “disrupt the profession” projects anymore, however as the puzzles are being put together when you assemble, you get this shocking picture again, with the view on the hill down the forest and the valley, with it’s “3Dness” of the landscape again.

This is a picture that has been painted by our people, and as I look back, I am not alone on that peak.

There are 56 hard-working Hungarian fellow warriors with me, we are all muddy, all sweating, all tired, but looking back from the hill down the valley there is silence and there is a power in that silence. This is the silence when you hear the wind blowing, the birds singing and you together realize the distance and the terrain covered, enjoying the view.


We missed last year’s in-person company Christmas party due to the covid waves.

Covid oppressed many things, many things as an invisible killer, smuggling into the psyche, pulling one back not just physically, but challenging mental energies, social DNAs, the human beings within…

That’s why I was happy that at least for a short time, we could meet and kept a Christmas gathering.

Cautiously, pre-tested, not over boozing.

Experiencing such growth while managing the company sort of digitally throughout the year – it hit me again with a massive effect, that as this time we met, how many people are sitting at the tables, how vibrant this environment is and how people are interacting with each other as good friends, while many of them haven’t even seen each other in real life, only occasionally.

I let the power of the moment to stay and enjoyed the view in silence.

All in all, what I see when enjoying such views is that pain is indeed temporary, teams can adapt, teams can change, teams can heal very fast and can come out much-much stronger from challenges as we faced in the last couple of years, finally, enjoying the view together.

Let me wish everybody the same team I am running with and let me thank all our fellow warriors for their relentless efforts and unbelievable hard work.

I hope everyone had the chance to have some rest and managed to use the opportunity that the world also stopped for some days during the Christmas Holidays and everybody enjoyed the time being spent with their friends and family.

We have to keep those running shoes dry as we get out to the fresh air again in 2022 and continue this infinite marathon together, enjoying that the valley is already below us, while the sun is always shining above the clouds where we are heading!

Tamás Kovács, MD, BPiON Hungary

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MD Hungary,

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