Why BPION? = BPION’s why

As Peter Drucker says, “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and this is more valid nowadays than ever. Culture is everything. It is a set of shared values, beliefs, standards and driving forces to act for the common good of the community we decided is worth belonging to.

And what can be the strongest driving force of a team and an organisation, if not their common WHY?

This is the magic that decides why do we like or hate Mondays, why are inspired to change perspective, or just keep the standard job description as written, and why are we looking for lasting partnerships with clients, vendors and colleagues or believe just in an isolated professional bubble.

A strong culture is the only thing that truly differentiates you from the competitors and creates a shield against external turbulences and threats.

Strong culture always wins and creates a legacy for the community, which believed in it. And now the BPiON CEE management team will share some personal thoughts regarding our WHYs.

So, let’s see what does „BPiON WHY” mean for us.

1. Béla Kakuk, CEO, BPiON – “Lasting partnerships”


Daniela Zsigmond
MD Romania,

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