Why I joined BPiON? – A disruptive outsourcing business model, a result of highly disciplined and systematic planning procedure

First, some context: I’m Rafał Nadolny, Managing Director of BPiON Poland. I have a legal background and extensive experience in optimizing accounting, HR and payroll processes for multinational clients.

After the news came out that I joined BPiON in July, I got a lot of messages. There were good luck & best wishes and questions about my new role, my vision and BPiON.

So, I would like to share now why BPiON, what’s it for me.

BPiON is a dynamic growing scale-up company, a process and technology-driven CEE focus accounting and payroll outsourcing firm from Budapest, Hungary.
1,5 years have passed since its establishment. It was a hard period with a lot of work, success and failures but our CEO could tell more about it.

After our first discussions with Béla Kakuk, I realized the following 10 facts which finally influenced my positive decision:

1. Even though BPiON is not a firm, which showcases how long ago it was established, it is a team of professionals with decades of experience, used to working together during these years, already building up leading BPO firms, regionally.

2. It’s open-minded management if you would like to have an impact on processes, the best place to join.

3. Many managers are Partners, therefore they stay here until they realize the dreams, so management is stable, and they have a strong vision. They invested their family earnings into this company and gave up on the comfortable corporate C level roles, to build and create something new that has a meaning and that has a soul. We are not salary or position shoppers which unfortunately become a trend in many industries nowadays.

4. BPiON re-invests what we earn into people, technology, and client happiness, we want to create a working atmosphere, which generates loyalty and feeling that you are part of the family, as a consequence, we have faced low attrition rates.

5. BPiON believes that the accounting and payroll professions are not about Dr. and Cr. or manual transaction recordings anymore but about coding, databases, automatization, speeding up information flow and support of prompt decision making in enabling our client to handle an ever more rapidly changing world.

6. We put extensive investments into technology via our ECMS, Cloud, PM, database, analytics solutions, we put our money towards further automatization with OCR, AI, RPA technologies.

7. We believe that good planning should be followed by strong execution and we don’t cut corners, especially in such a growth phase when our most frequent task is deploying clients. That’s why we have a Project Office team, that consists of best in class professionals in their relevant fields (Accounting Process, Payroll Process, Compliance, Technology), they make sure that deployments occur as planned, also that Quality Control is adhered to.

8. We also make sure you have comfort by having sophisticated safety measures, high-value professional liability insurance, ISO 27001 Azure cloud, GDPR proof process management.

9. From day 1, BPiON utilizes on regionality, opening our office in Warsaw, joining GGI, so we make sure information, knowledge transfer, client care, and potentials flow without boundaries.
Due to our systemized manner, we are ready to be measured and take on SLA commitments.

10. As part of our scale-up, we want to make sure we keep you happy by constantly coming up with new ideas, further developments as we are just at the beginnings.

There is just one start of every successful company. If you are part of the beginning (both as a client or an employee), that by itself creates an advantage as there is limited chance to experience such flexibility, agileness companies have at their young lifecycles vs rigid, matured, corporations.

Such term often called flexibility, but it’s hard to truly believe a global corporation can operate a flexible business model, while it is also difficult to expect SME outsourcing firms can be technically tuned and thoughtful in running world-class procedures. We are a great hybrid of the two worlds.

At the end of the day, there are people behind every business. Tamás Kovács, MD of BPiON Hungary has a good story as a summary of my thoughts: “Our GGI president told us that after careful, thorough professional due diligence procedure our company has been selected as new member firm, however, one important measure is that you do business with the one who you would like to drink a beer with. If there is no chemistry, there is no spark. We try to happily live up to this standard ????”

So that’s the BPiON Services. Why I choose this team and why I suggest it to You.



Rafał Nadolny
MD Poland,

Daniela Zsigmond
MD Romania,

Tamás Kovács
MD Hungary,

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