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We provide complex local and regional accounting outsourcing and tax compliance services through every phase of your company’s life cycle. You can be a company just starting or a multi-country international group, we help you find the best approach to manage your bookkeeping in a compliant manner. We also provide you with easy to understand financial information, which helps you making great decisions that drive your business forward.

Knowing you’ve got problems to solve, but not knowing where to start. Start with BPiON. We like rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty with the details. Count ON us to bring all of the components of Finance and Accounting outsourcing together:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Order and Contract management
  • Invoicing and Cash Management
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Reporting and financial analysis
  • Financial controlling and Interim CFO services
  • Audit and Tax Authority assistance
  • Voluntary dissolution and liquidation support

We can deliver all these together in integration as well as for all the companies
doing business cross-border in multiple European countries.

Service Delivery Options

BPiON is glad to help you with multiple accounting outsourcing service delivery models, that help your company to become more standardised, bring you compliance and upgrade your processes in a cost efficient way.

BPiON provides a flexible range of integrated accounting delivery options:

accounting outsourcing

Invoicing and cash management

Cash management is critical to keep your company healthy and running. But managing cash flow can also cost you a lot of money and effort, if not done properly. Have you ever questioned yourself: how much money you lose and how much you could save by agile cash management?

We know at BPiON how to keep cash management cohesive.

Reach out to our BPiON – Agile Cash Management services:

  • Electronic invoicing
  • Automated payments processing
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Streamlined accounts reconciliation
  • Management of overseas business accounts
  • Monitoring of incoming and outgoing payments
  • Fund transfers
  • Balance reporting
  • Preparing, reviewing and forecasting cash flow statements
  • Monitoring debt facilities and loan covenants

Get more cash out of your cash.

You’re fed up with constantly changing reporting, valuation and disclosure rules? Growing internal demand for up-to-date information and multidimensional analysis makes you shiver?

We are here to take you away the pain, as we love tweaking with data.

Let us fix your problems and apply further components of accounting outsourcing services:

  • Recurring management reporting
  • Ad hoc analysis
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Accommodating FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis) procedures
  • Accounting framework redesign or setup
  • Various cost accounting methods
  • Financial statements under IFRS, US GAAP or local GAAP
  • Audit assistance
  • Governmental Audit assistance
  • Monitoring and implementing statutory

Use BPiON’s Reporting and financial analysis to make even more excellent decisions.

Our accounting outsourcing services improve your finance function and provide “plug & play” human capital solutions to your business, just to name a few:

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Financial Controlling
  • Ad hoc Business Analysis
  • Assessing, building and implementing budgeting and forecasting models and tools
  • Accounting framework redesign or setup
  • Building and implementing various cost accounting methods and tools
  • Assessing, building and implementing rolling forecasts models and tools
  • Streamlining finance close processes by our fast close methods

Use BPiON’s Tax compliance to sleep well and be able to focus on the core of your growth matching your geographical business expansion (in Hungary, Poland or across Europe) to the appropriate tax compliances.

Let BPiON ease your pain and utilize fundamentals of our tax services excellences:

  • Registration for VAT for both domestic and overseas businesses
  • On-going VAT compliance, including EC Sales Lists and Statistical declarations
  • Handling claims for refunds of VAT incurred by EU and non-EU businesses
  • Corporate Income Tax compliance
  • Personal Income Tax compliance
  • Transfer Pricing advisory
  • Tax advisory services

Use BPiON’s Audit Support to not to be distracted from your key business activities.

Let BPiON apply some cherry picked Audit Support services

  • Automated data exchanged platform with full audit trail
  • Automated accounts reconciliation platform
  • Local GAAP financial statements preparation
  • Data clean up
  • External auditor liaison and support
  • Auditor’s data and information preparation
  • Internal audit support

BPION’s Property Related Financial Management and Reporting Services would like to provide excelent solution for all of these ideas:


  • grant professional support to choosing, implementing, testing to these specialized programs and project management services (like YARDI, IREMS, Dolphin, CODA)


  • Income invoicing (from Yardi, IREMS , Dolphin, CODA)
  • Digitalization of incoming invoices and documents
  • Daily process and allocation of payment movements
  • Coding of expense invoices
  • Bank transfers
  • Lease agreement management


  • Debt report preparation
  • Debt collection, sending notices wether in automatized form
  • Monthly, quarterly, yearly financial reports producing
  • Cash-flow report and monitoring
  • Budget preparation, follow-up, update
  • Service charge reconciliation production, review, confirmation, audit support
  • Indexation (rent, and service charge increase if necessary)
  • Bankguarantee, deposit registration, recording.
  • Register and continuous update of Tenant incentives (rent free periods), Fit-out contributions, other lease options



Meeting local compliance in the financial world is more than a challenge in one country, why to fight with language and cultural complexity as well?    


Meeting local compliance in the financial world is more than a challenge in one country, why to fight with language and cultural complexity as well?    


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