Our best results are coming from talented and focused teams performing at the highest, collaborative levels with the help of technology, turning difficult complex problems to simple solutions

Total Headcount growth for 2017
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Percentage of female Team Members in 2023

We were born to challenge, deliver and innovate further in the constantly changing world of outsourcing and beyond

We are a company dedicated to practical learning approach and provide opportunities to see complex business challenges from your Day 1 early experience in order to deliver a new perspective of solutions for our clients. We are here to support your career development but also eager to learn from you.

Be PiONeer!

Average regional attrition rate in 3017
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Learning hours delivered per person on average in 2023

Everyone is an innovator. Innovation moves mountains and brings novelty. Even a tiny bit of ’new’ can have impactful results that one never even thought of.

Add innovative technology as the enabler on top and you will unleash a power that will enhance achievements to their highest peaks. Innovation is born in collaboration culture, impulsive office environment, flexible working hours and  life-long learning skills.

BPiON helps you to develop your life-long career path starting during your studies until you become the next CEO.