Payroll Outsourcing and HR Administration

Facilitate your organization’s compliance load and specific employee case management work by accessing our payroll and HR outsourcing services.

Navigating Payroll and HR administration issues successfully is a great accomplishment. Recognized as some of the most complex, dynamic, and sensitive processes within a company, these two areas play a pivotal role in shaping your employee relations and employer branding and reputation

While technological advancements and automation offer tools to facilitate these processes, having our team of seasoned specialists oversee them provides a level of quality that cannot be substituted

At BPiON, we have mastered the intricacies of Payroll and HR for decades, learning from experience everything from constantly evolving statutory regulations to individual employment contracts and labour law nuances. We have been delivering a wide range of HR and Payroll outsourcing services for a significant number of global and regional corporate clients across their Central Eastern European clusters. In basic terms, , we understand what you need when it comes to your Payroll and HR administration requirements, and expectations regarding communication and timely delivery.

From data gathering, payroll processing, ensuring meticulous validation, managing payouts and reporting, to overseeing comprehensive HR administration, you can select what tasks you want to entrust to our qualified and experienced team and those to retain and manage in-house.

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Employment without
Establishment (EwE)

Payroll Outsourcing

Your payroll needs are unique, and so are  our solutions. At BPiON, we design payroll outsourcing strategies that align with your organization’s specific policies, procedures, and ambitions. Whether you seek our services for single or multiple countries, or an entire cluster, our expertise is versatile – serving both new startups  and established companies with sizable  employee bases.

With BPiON, not only are you outsourcing, but also upgrading to a future-proof payroll experience for the Central Eastern European countries and their dynamic legislative landscape.

Payroll Outsourcing Services

  • Gross-to-Net calculation
  • Payslips distribution
  • Automated payment bank files
  • Financial reports, including payroll General Ledger (GL) files
  • Basic and advanced payroll management reporting
  • PIT and social security contributions calculation (ongoing and financial year-end)
  • PIT and Social Security audit support
  • Onsite support
  • Database conversion and migration
  • Salary and payroll cost forecasting
  • Benefit-in-kind (BIK) design, implementation, and ongoing operation (country-specific)
  • Expatriate payroll administration
  • Time and Attendance (T&A) platforms
  • Employee Self Services
  • Paperless HR workflow with e-signature
  • HR e-files
  • Interfaces with regional or global HRIS, HRMS, or HCM tools like Workday or SAP SuccessFactors
  • Delivery of a unified and integrated payroll solution for companies doing business in Central Eastern Europe (CEE).

Contact us today and describe exactly what you do,  so we can start working on a customised service for you. payroll service:

Payroll Outsourcing for New Market Entrants and SMEs

Are you launching a new venture  in countries such as  Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, or Ukraine? At BPiON, we are dedicated to ensuring smooth market entry and operational transition for Foreign Direct Investments and expanding SMEs.

With our in-depth knowledge of local compliance, we set up your entity effectively, allowing you to concentrate on core activities like sales, marketing, and other business functions that are essential in meeting your business objectives. You are also guaranteed consistent, transparent updates on progress every step of the way.

Place trust in our professional service for your business journey and let us manage all payroll compliance on your behalf:

Payroll Outsourcing for Large Enterprises (1000+ Employees)

A sophisticated and forward looking technology based approach to payroll is imperative. At BPiON, you will benefit from our advanced payroll outsourcing solutions designed for large enterprises , with one thousand plus employees.. Digital HR workflows, time & attendance platforms, and employee-centric self-service tools all are available to create efficient process flows for you. These tools align seamlessly with global HR systems you may already use, such as Workday, SAP, SuccessFactors, or Payzaar.

Experience streamlined e-signature processes, paperless HR workflows, and an Employee Self-Service system that refines HR interactions for your workforce. Beyond these , our dedicated Digital Transformation team is ready to conceptualize and implement a technical solution that that is tailor made for your global payroll and reporting demands.

The BPiON promise also ensures your direct access to our local HR and payroll professionals, guiding you comprehensively through the payroll process. Our goal is to provide a synergy of technology and expertise for your enterprise’s excellence.

Explore our Payroll Outsourcing offer in detail – start a conversation with us today and find out how we can help:

Payroll Implementation Services

Are you considering a provider switch, but do not have the time and resources to prepare data sets? Let our Digital Transformation team seamlessly transition your existing payroll and HR database to a new system, ensuring a swift problem -free implementation.

In addition, we can always help you with payroll process automation that facilitates payroll data gathering, processing, and reporting. Helping you to improve continuously is a core value at BPiON.. .

Contact us today to switch your payroll process safely and accurately:

HR Administration

HR Administration can be complex, costly, and constantly changing. Envisage a situation where your HR staff only need to concentrate on strategic initiatives to propel your business rather than daily firefighting tasks that prevents them from doing that.

Our model is designed to fluidly shift between remote, on-site, and hybrid HR Administration in line with your unique requirements and cultural influences of your organization. This flexible and adjustable model guarantees conformity with your operational dynamics and you places BPiON in the required supportive role you would expect to receive.

Allow us to be the foundation upon which the varying local regulations are simplified and compliance, while performing HR administration functions are ensured:

HR Administration Services

For our team HR administration is a calling.

We are ready to review your HR Administration processes, from everyday tasks to specific employee cases, understand your challenges, and offer solutions. From HR compliance to managed services and expert support, you’ will find what you need with us:

  • Labour law tracking and compliance support
  • Employee file management and e-HR file tools provision
  • Employee agreements and civil contract draft assistance
  • Safety training and medical check-up monitoring
  • Assistance in obtaining visas, work permits, residence permits for employees and Board Members
  • Advising on the requirements, customs, and practices, locally and in the CEE region
  • Benefit administration
  • Starters onboarding and Leavers offboarding
  • Employment contract renewals
  • Vacation tracking, sick leave, and maternity leave administration
  • Termination and resignation support
  • Reporting to Social Securities
  • Employee pension programs (like PPK or PPE in Poland) administration
  • HR Management reporting
  • HR audit assistance
  • On-site HR administration services
  • On-call support for HR

Contact us today and descrbie exactly what you do, so we can start working on a customised HR Administration service for you:

HR Administration On-Site

Today, a significant number of our clients operate remotely or adopt a hybrid approach, and HR Administration has evolved in step. While many functions are handled digitally, occasions may occur when you require on-site HR services at your premises. We design our HR Administration packages to your preferences, whether entirely remote, on-site, hybrid, routine, or based on your specific business circumstances.

Find out how our services can help you with your HR Administration today:

Interim HR Staffing

If you are only seeking stemporary specialized support, find out more about our interim HR staffing options by contacting us today:


Do you need to expand your team and hire your own staff?

For us, your business needs are the only priority. With our deep-rooted expertise in finance, accounting, payroll, and HR administration, we offer distinct advantages andan innate understanding of the complexities associated with these functions’ roles across various industries.

This translates to specialized recruitment services where we can use our real world expertise in the field to profile, search, and test the right candidates for your specific roles and responsibilities.

Working with us to expand your team, you secure the best-suited personnel to meet your precise requirements:

Employment without Establishment (EwE)

Are you looking to explore the Central Eastern Europe (CEE) market without committing to a full legal presence, or are you contemplating hiring a remote employee for  your foreign entity?

Your companies from abroad can employ individuals from Hungary, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia without the need to establish a legal entity or a branch in these markets. This solution, known as Employment without Establishment (EwE), is a cost-effective and streamlined alternative to the Employer of Record services.

Learn more about the benefits of Employment without Establishment or contact us today to discuss this:

Are you ready to reduce the stress of dealing with an increasing number of operations?

Regardless of whether your company is active in the Hungarian, Polish, or Romanian markets, or if it operates in other European regions, our offices in Warsaw, Budapest, or Bucharest can effectively assist your company in reaching its intended objectives, irrespective of the location.

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Rafał Nadolny
MD Poland,

Daniela Zsigmond
MD Romania,

Tamás Kovács
MD Hungary,

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