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Are you doing business in the CEE? If yes, your business will run more smoothly while exploiting our flexible accounting outsourcing and tax compliance services, which maximize efficiency and technology usage.

Simplify accounting challenges at every stage of your company’s journey with our bespoke local and regional accounting outsourcing and tax compliance services

Whether you operate in a single market or have a larger regional presence, you can exploit our experienced team to free you up from all accounting, tax, and reporting complexities, thus being your go-to-trusted advisor.

Besides ensuring your local compliance, we can lead you through key financial transformation projects. As modern technology-driven transactional recording solutions are basic must-haves, our core focus is on building robust internal control systems and streamlining processes to provide you with valuable insights before decisions are made.

Meeting both the local statutory reporting and internal management information needs usually cannot typically be achieved with a single system. This is where our digital transformation experts provide you with effective bridge solutions that connect various systems. Online invoicing is crucial for clean data inputs, so premium interfaces with nearly all ERPs are available to meet local needs.

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Transactional Accounting

If you need support with routine, yet cruclal accounting tasks, high pressure closings, and statutory requirements, which will allow you to focus more in strategic business plans and innovations, our accounting outsourcing service is ideal for you.

Equipped with our team of accounting experts and technology basedsolutions – be they yours or ours – we guarantee you an efficient, effective, and modern finance & accounting function that seamlessly supports your business while we are under contract.

How we can help you?

Technology-driven Transactional Recording

Few accounting transactions are still manually processed today The key, therefore, is thorough system implementation and integration while meeting both regulatory requirements and management needs.

We can achieve all these in compliance with local GAAP and IFRS rules, building robust internal controls and delivering secured information exchange by:

  • Developing and maintaining accounting policies and chart of accounts
  • Recording transactions under local GAAP and IFRS rules
  • Creating and maintaining detailed sub-ledgers
  • ConductingGeneral Ledger mapping exercises

This is how you can optimize transactional recording with our service and the right technology setup:

PO and Contract Management

Accurate and complete input means valuable output. With our services, you benefit from robust processes to approve incoming accounting documents either in your systems, with effective interfaces, or by incorporating our market leader ECMS SaaS solutions into your procedures, which will:

  • Create and maintain invoice approval protocol
  • Manage accountsreceivable (AR) workflow management
  • Manage accounts payable (AP) workflow management
  • Manage overdue debtdebt management

We invite you to a smarter, more organized way of managing orders and contracts. Contact us today:

Invoicing and Cash Management

While cash management is critical to keeping your company healthy and running, it can also cost you significant amounts of money and much effort when not done properly. How much could your business save with agile cash management? At BPiON, we keep cash management cohesive with:

  • E-invoicing
  • Automated payment processing
  • Efficient account reconciliation
  • Tracking incoming and outgoing payments
  • Executing fund transfers
  • Providing balance reports
  • Preparing, reviewing, and forecasting cash flow statements
  • Supervising debt arrangements and loan agreements

Discover how much less time can be spent on invoicing or collecting revenue more effectively with our customised services.

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Compliance Services

Protect your business from non-compliance practices and feel confident with our rigorous tax professionals who ensure your on-going compliance and assist you with tax and accounting audits.

How can we  help you?

Statutory Compliance and Tax Advisory

Not only do we handle your tax-compliant transactional recording, but we also manage holistic, complex tax issues for you:

  • Registration for VAT for both domestic and overseas businesses
  • On-going VAT compliance, including EC Sales Lists and Statistical declarations
  • Handling claims for refunds of VAT incurred by EU and non-EU businesses
  • Corporate Income Tax compliance
  • Personal Income Tax compliance
  • Transfer Pricing advisory
  • Tax advisory services

Discover how we can solve your most sensitive tax questions:

Audit and Tax Review Assistance

External controls are part of doing business. Not only do we manage all communication with auditors and tax authorities on your company’s behalf but we also have a strong track record and reputation of confidently representing clients in ensuring transparent local compliance.

  • Preparation and participation during audit and tax review procedures
  • Project management over various stakeholders involved
  • Create audit and tax review files

Discover how we can represent you in tax and accounting audits:

Voluntary Dissolution, Mergers and Liquidation Support

No business lasts forever. Voluntary dissolution, mergers, or liquidations are part of the business cycle but require special expertise and experience. Deadlines become more crucial, and all stakeholders should be managed in order to reach the ultimate objective. We offer:

  • Transactional support during dissolutions or mergers
  • Tax compliance services for dissolutions and mergers
  • Project management
  • File storage services
  • Provision of liquidator services and registered seat

Discover how you can rely on us in case of special events in your business lifecycle:

Market-entry Support, Local Tax Strategy

Market entry sounds easy (especially within the EU) but can be completely different from the investors’ expectations. We have completed this times for investors from the EU or other European countries, America, Asia, Africa, or Australia. Underatanding differences in culture and local regulations is key to highlighting the procedural differences. We specialise in:

  • Market entry analysis
  • The creation of a a legal roadmap for an establishment or other corporate procedures
  • Handling registrations

Discover how you can enter new CEE markets with us leading you through the process:

Transfer Pricing Services

Our dedicated transfer pricing team guarantees that your company always meets the requirements of the local transfer pricing legal environment and at the same time minimizes your transfer pricing-related risks and exposures.

With our services, we ensure that transfer pricing is not a burden for your company group.

Financial Management

Avoid being a cost centre in the company and bring more value in the boardroom with data driven insights provided by our team of financial analysts.

How can we help you?

Management Reporting and Financial Analysis

While local regulatory standards apply to all legal entities, the management information needs vary for every enterprise. Reporting requirements are company specific and can be as frequent as running daily control checks with customer-customized reports. We have the technology and capability of multiple cost accounting dimensions to deliver the required information on the company, business line, project, or even at the transactional or employee level.
This includes:

  • Recurring management reporting
  • On-demand analysis
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Various cost accounting methods
  • Financial statements under IFRS, US GAAP or local GAAP

Process Mapping, System Setup, and GAAP Analysis

Management reporting must be relevant and that it supports the evolution of the company’s life cycle at every stage. Understanding your underlying business procedures is essential to develop and run an efficient financial management reporting system. We achieve this by:

  • Accommodating FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis) procedures
  • Redesigning or setting up Accounting frameworks
  • Systematically resolving data mismatches

Financial Controlling and Interim Services

With all the automation available today, the role of accountants has changed significantly and moved into more of an analytical role. Embracing a lean mindset, our team is committed to reducing waste and enhancing processes through a continuous improvement approach. Our ultimate objective is to provide you with the clearest possible view of your business’s financial position, so that you can take advantage of potential opportunities at any given time.

Each accountant becomes a financial controller over time, and they have full authority over over systems, interfaces, processes, and setups. BPiON believes in the LEAN way of thinking, therefore our colleagues are dedicated to reducing waste and controlling processes with an attitude of continuous improvement. BPiON helps you:

  • Create a structured system of data dimensions
  • Improve automation
  • Create process standardization
  • Implement LEAN methodologies

Discover how you can leave your financial control into our hands with our outsourcing services.
Alternatively, instead of outsourcing, do you only need extra-help on a temporary basis? Discover how you can achieve that with our professional interim services.

Technology Improvement

Are you rolling out a global or regional ERP, planning to enter new markets, are forced to use other collateral financial systems to fully cover your needs or do you just want to improve your finance and accounting processes? Then you need our team to help you make the best use of your technology environment so that it delivers information faster, more accurately and in a trustworthy manner at any given time.

Here’s what we can do for you:

ERP Implementation Support and Process Improvement

Technology is changing fast, and companies seek to to gain advantages over their competitors using disruptive technology innovations. Whether you choose a new ERP to implement or only a satellite solution business analysis, and process improvement always come first. BPiON helps you:

  • Develop and maintain a holistic and detailed project plan for ERP implementation
  • Test and improve accounting processes within the ERP framework
  • Advise on various interface solutions to reach a higher level of efficiency or better statutory compliance
  • GAAP analysis
  • Create user manuals and training materials

Discover how you can put your ERP to work faster with our business and technology consultants:

ERP Localization for Compliance with Local Statutory Regulations

In our view the truth is : CEE countries may be highly developed, but they are not always the focus of global ERP providers. We, instead, make your compliance our top priority and localize your ERP or use our satellite solutions to meet your management needs which fully complies with the ever-changing statutory and regulatory framework. BPiON helps you:

  • Analyse and create a local chart of accounts
  • Support local tax rates setup in your ERP
  • Advise on the mapping of complex procedures such as foreign exchange mechanism
  • Advise on and test the invoicing setup

Discover how you can localize your ERP and make it valuable in any of your CEE countries:

Interface Development and Ongoing Maintenance

Every system has its limitations. Is your system the main obstacle to fully reaching localization? If so, our digital transformation team creates a custom solution. BPiON helps you:

  • Analyze your business requirements and recommend interface solutions
  • Develop, test, and document the necessary interfaces
  • Improves backlog analysis automation and financial reporting system accuracy

Discover how you can reach localization despite your current system’s limitations:

e-Invoicing ERP Integration

Outgoing and incoming invoice flow is one of the most essential input document flows. Regulatory bodies in the CEE region took great care of  the online invoice data takeover, but they concentrated exclusively on the regulatory side of the information transfer. 

Since BPiON has active experience using more than 10 various ERP systems, our digital transformation experts have developed the leading-edge tool to convert ERP data into local data transfer requirements which ensure control data feedback.

bpion payroll accounting

Are you ready to reduce the stress of dealing with an increasing number of operations?

Regardless of whether your company is active in the Hungarian, Polish, or Romanian markets, or if it operates in other European regions, our offices in Warsaw, Budapest, or Bucharest can effectively assist your company in reaching its intended objectives, irrespective of the location.

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