Corporate Secretarial Services and Corporate Setup

Always be aligned with your corporate setup, governance, regulatory and statutory compliance needs by partnering with our team of business secretaries.

In today’s world business is conducted faster than ever, so we understand that waiting to meet all regulatory requirements results in unwanted delays in terms of your global expansion plans. Our corporate secretarial services are designed to get your business back to full speed. They are easily accessible, understandable, flexible, and promptly available, like an off-the-shelf solution

Corporate secretarial services may seem straightforward but their effective management demands a combination of senior experts, including tax advisors, lawyers, and other financial professionals. This is true especially when dealing with cross-border transactions involving multiple countries. BPiON is comprised of tax advisors who have tackled similar challenges for hundreds of customers across different continents in line with our aim of simplifying the complexity of compliance and governance.

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Rafał Nadolny
MD Poland,

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Step into a world where compliance meets convenience. Explore our range of services:

Company Formation / Selling Shelf Companies

When a decision is made to invest in foreign markets, why would you navigate the challenges of local regulations to kickstart your activities? At BPiON, with our expertise across various industries, we are well-positioned to guide you through all the potential challenges. If time is critical and you are under pressure, you can start within days using our ready-made shelf companies (SPV).

Our shelf companies are recommended by reputable law firms, advisors and auditors. They are especially useful during M&A transactions in the Real Estate industry. Many of our clients are stock listed companies where legal and corporate compliance are highly regulated Shelf companies are the fastest and safest way to start doing business in a new market.

Simplify your expansion journey and let BPiON manage your corporate obligations:

Annual Compliance Duties

Experience the simplicity of our one-stop-shop service model!
With BPiON, all your tax and legal compliance needs are taken care of, ensuring your financial statements are approved and published whether it requires a simple shareholder decision or more complex action to meet full compliance. Proficiency in local languages and mastering digital reporting in every jurisdiction we operate in are key to streamlining this vital phase of your business evolution.

Compulsory Registrations

BPiON will handle all your company’s necessary registrations to ensure your full compliance, including liaising with local authorities and tax bodies, chambers, statistical offices, and other financial institutions.

Ensure your business stays compliant. Let us handle the legal intricacies:

Corporate Documents Change Management

Companies naturally undergo changes from inception to maturity and during their expansion. While experiencing change, it is vital to maintain profitability. BPiON’s team of corporate secretarial specialists, coupled with our reputable partner legal firms, are ready to assist you with the needed legal proceedings such as the resolutions of board members, the upkeep of shareholder meetings, the implementation of new policies and procedures and the preparation of new drafts of agreements etc.

We also provide administration assistance during M&A transactions working with reputable Law Firms.

Ex-Patriate Services

After establishing your legal entity, relocating key employees from abroad can be a challenging procedure. We are well-prepared in the essential documentation needed for work permits, residence permits, visas and with our knowledge of local regulations, languages, and best practices, we aim to streamline this transition for you and your team.

Reach out today for expert guidance on how best to hire your employees abroad:

Directorship Services

BPiON’s senior management is well-versed in local regulatory compliance requirements and high-risk management practices. We have the right accounting, legal, and compliance skills and qualifications to take care of your business at any time.

Our directors are also shareholders of our business therefore, we guarantee you our long-term commitment to this critical role.

Find out how you can achieve excellence in the boardroom with BPiON directorship services:

Registered Seat Services

With BPiON you obtain a premium downtown office or a virtual address equipped with a fully digital document-sharing and approval process, using leading ECMS solutions. As hundreds of clients trust us for our services, we are in the position to reduce your office and ECMS costs.

Skip the administrative hassle without compromising on efficiency and receive your registered seat with us today:

Know Your Customer Services (KYC)

KYC is at the heart of every compliance task. Knowing your clients and the ultimate beneficiaries is vital for preventing money laundering and ensuring transparent business operation.

At BPiON we are uncompromising in our approach to KYC protocols, since we operate in highly regulated markets. As such we provide high-quality client identification, verification checks and continuous monitoring accessing relevant global databases, reducing the whole KYC administrative burden, time and costs associated.

Compliance regular health check services

Fixing your company corporate matters and registration at the date of establishment is critical, but regulations change periodically, and your business lifecycle may require new sets of compliance tasks over time.

With BPiON’s regular compliance health-checks, you can be confident that your local records consistently align with the latest regulatory standards, saving potential future obstacles and ensuring smooth business operations.

Reach out now to ensure your operations remain problem:

Whistleblowing services

Does your company have more than fifty employees or generates over ten million EUR in revenue? Then you are required to have a whistleblowing system in place. With BPiON, you receive more than compliance, you become efficient   

Our expertise in digitalization and system integration ensures a smooth and transparent whistleblowing system. We will be alongside you supporting and helping to build the right structure, tackle digital hurdles and connect you with third party legal partners for incident management.

Are you ready to reduce the stress of dealing with an increasing number of operations?

Regardless of whether your company is active in the Hungarian, Polish, or Romanian markets, or if it operates in other European regions, our offices in Warsaw, Budapest, or Bucharest can effectively assist your company in reaching its intended objectives, irrespective of the location.

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Rafał Nadolny
MD Poland,

Daniela Zsigmond
MD Romania,

Tamás Kovács
MD Hungary,

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