#Meet Our Team

#Meetour team is a series of brief interviews with our current BPiON employees

These interviews delve into what they particularly cherish in their professional careers and how they find their place within our organization. We consistently pose the same question, yet each response is unique, and every perspective holds immense value for us.

We invite you to read on! If you find what you’ve read intriguing, don’t hesitate to apply and become a part of our team.

Take a look at the selected reviews provided by our employees:

Weronika Trzpiola
Junior HR & Payroll Specialist:

I enjoy working at BPiON Services for the opportunity for continuous learning! I started my journey in December 2022. When I first joined, I had little knowledge about HR and payroll, but it’s been a few months now, and I’m pleased to see that my skills are steadily growing. Clients often pose a variety of questions that aren’t always straightforward! This sometimes requires dedicating a significant amount of time to find and understand the information – that’s why I appreciate that the payroll team I work with always supports me and helps me solve the challenges I encounter!

It’s great to work with people who are willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Dorota Rzeźniczek
BPO Commercial Advisor:

For years, I was involved in sales – I enjoy it because connecting with another person gives me a sense of fulfillment. However, I felt that I needed something more in my work, and that’s when the phone rang… On the other end of the line, I heard a person from the @BPion team.

And that’s how my story with the team of experts began. BPiON Services is not just any company – it’s a unique place where the awareness of the management and managers is very high. So when I was asked the question, ‘what do I love about BPiON…’

Well, you could list many things, but it’s the culture of communication, the level of relationships and commitment, a flexible approach, and understanding on many levels, built by people who know the market and the most current challenges, that best answer that question.

The team is constantly growing, diverse, and full of passion and energy for what they do. Each day is filled with ideas and intense, fruitful work. That’s BPiON – the place where I love to be.

Iwona Michalik
Digital and Implementation Director:

What I love about BPiON is the openness to technology!

For as long as I can remember (and I joined the team almost at the beginning of the company’s existence ), BPiON Services has actively invested in technology and supported its use, recognizing the role it plays in the modern world – from improving efficiency to automating client processes.

I believe that #technology is an integral part of our future – it is the driver of change and progress in all areas of life, not just in business. That’s why I’m proud to be part of a company that actively seeks new solutions, allows for the flexible selection of tools, and their integration.

Nowhere else have I had such a sense of ‘can-do’ – here, everything is possible!