Are you looking for a candidate who is both substantively verified and personality-matched? That’s great!

Modern HR processes are our specialty; we recruit the best experts in the field of HR, payroll, and accounting for your business.

The recruitment process is one of the most demanding and at the same time key processes in the development of a company. It is the people you bring into your team who create your organization, shape its actions, and the way it is perceived externally. In highly demanding industries, such as payroll and accounting, substantive skills are crucial, ensuring the highest level of service for your clients’ affairs. However, finding a candidate who matches in terms of personality, who identifies with the values important to your organization, is equally important for the development of the business. HR processes are long-term, costly, and often do not guarantee finding the perfect candidate. That’s why BPiON has developed a comprehensive expert acquisition model that your company can benefit from.

Recruitment process at BPiON Services

BPiON will fully conduct it for you; our company provides HR-payroll and accounting services at the highest level. Thanks to our experience and industry knowledge, we have access to the best candidates on the market. We can effectively match the right person to your business profile. We understand your needs well and know how to provide you with an employee who will successfully take over the planned duties for him. We have extensive candidate databases and integrated IT systems.

Our internal processes are innovative and based on the highest forms of digitalization.

bpion payroll accounting

What you gain by commissioning BPiON to find an expert:

  • Time – we have vetted candidates from our internal database
  • Support of experts (well-versed in the HR, payroll-accounting, and accounting industry), who conduct continuous recruitments, looking for the best specialists for their departments
  • The ability to manage financial risk – it’s your company that decides how much to spend on recruitment processes
  • The ability to acquire employees from different locations
  • Liberation from escalating processes
  • A general reduction in fixed costs in the organization

HR processes at BPiON are comprehensive and adapted to the specifics of the specialized accounting and payroll-accounting industry. We understand the market and its dynamics. We can quickly provide the right employee for your company. We participate in conferences, business meetings, and fairs, and have established relationships with industry experts. Thanks to our broad understanding, we can acquire candidates in various locations. Your company, meanwhile, can reduce fixed costs and gain the ability to flexibly manage funds allocated for recruitments, as well as the possibility of withdrawal at any time (lower financial risk and full measurability of processes). Our team has developed a wide range of cooperation with industry organizations across Poland, giving us insight into the dynamic candidate market. Our headhunters reach the best people in the industry, giving us constant access to talents and recommendations from the best sources.

Flexible employment opportunities – Onsite

At BPiON, we adapt to your needs. Thanks to the Onsite service, you can employ a worker for a specific project. You will receive a qualified expert, whom you can engage for a suitable period, and we will take care of the rest. Do you need someone for a temporary project, such as changing the current system? We will delegate our employee for a period suitable for you. If we do not have internal resources at the moment, we will look for a suitable profile, one that will remain with our company after the project at the client’s ends. We take full responsibility for the employee, including his holidays, possible sick leaves, etc. If needed, we guarantee a replacement. After the project ends, you don’t have to worry about further duties for the subordinate – this area remains on our side, usually, the delegated person stays in BPiON.

Our staff is ready for immediate implementation; we offer support in strategic projects, as well as daily duties. Our experts – from experienced management staff to juniors, are ready to support your company’s activities and go hand in hand with the team during an important project. We are not afraid of short deadlines and complex tasks. We will join key projects or simply help with daily duties in the field of HR, payroll, and accounting.

Our offices in Warsaw, Budapest, and Bucharest are ready to delegate properly trained and trustworthy accounting and payroll specialists. For your company, this does not involve the need to conduct multi-stage recruitment.

You choose the extent to which we will support you in recruitment, giving you full control over its costs. Trust our experts and employ the best!

Thanks to specialized knowledge, an extensive network of contacts, and risk reduction, we can more effectively and efficiently acquire the best talents on the market for your business.


Dorota Rzeźniczek
BPO Commercial Advisor

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