Receiving ISO 9001 Certification in BPiON Romania

The ISO 9001 certification has arrived as official recognition of our well-established processes, both internally and in delivery. 

ISO 9001 certification reaffirms our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in everything we do – from service development and innovations to customer service. It also demonstrates our dedication to continuous improvement and maintaining the elevated level of work and customer satisfaction we provide. 

Our team in Romania has prior experience in implementing service models according to ISO/ISAE standards; thus, it was a natural step for the company. We considered the start of our third year of operations in Romania as an opportune moment to apply for certification, as from the outset, our setup and delivery model were crafted in accordance with ISO requirements. Reinforced by our team’s experience in implementing standards, pursuing certification felt like a logical progression.  

As our development expanded in Romania, we wanted to formalize our commitment to high-quality operations. The process led us to successfully obtain ISO 9001 certification. This certification officially acknowledges unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and excellence and signifies our assurance to maintain quality and solidify our position as a leader in the BPO industry. 


Daniela Zsigmond
MD Romania,

Rafał Nadolny
MD Poland,

Tamás Kovács
MD Hungary,

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