Onsite Outsourcing – A smart answer to solving shortages in Accounting and Payroll resources

HR managers, recruiters or anyone involved in the recruitment processes can face difficulties day in, day out in finding a replacement for employees, and can struggle for three, six or even nine months to find the right candidate for a vacant position. This is undoubtedly pertinent in the fields of accounting and payroll.

The Onsite Outsourcing (OSO) services of BPION can be the optimal solution to this problem.

What is Onsite Outsourcing?

The essence of the Onsite Outsourcing (OSO) is that, as a temporary/interim solution, the specialist supplied by the accounting / payroll service provider performs the duties of the vacant position at the client’s organization. The work conditions (place of work, assets, duration, control functions and many others) can be agreed flexibly either at the beginning or during the service provision.

We often hear the terms “contractor”, “shared resource”, “outstaff” for this type of service, but none of these fully cover the content of “OSO”.

Onsite outsourcing is a hybrid model between outsourcing and insourcing, where the client has the opportunity to utilize the complex set of competencies of an outsourcing accounting and payroll service provider, and the specialist providing the services can also be integrated in the client’s own organization and culture to some degree.

What is the difference between Onsite Outsourcing and manpower rental?

The question may arise, what makes OSO different from a simple manpower rental.  The main difference lies in the fact that in the case of OSO the employee works at the client’s office but remains on the service provider’s payroll.

At BPION we see the main difference in the management of the service. While in the case of manpower rental, the service provider delegates a dedicated employee to the client without any professional control (the provider employs the person but doesn’t provide any management oversight, the employee works solely in the client’s office with the client’s assets), in the case of Onsite Outsourcing the service provider also has a degree of professional control over the outsourced specialist, tailored to the customer’s needs, and the service can be completed with process management tasks, as well as flexibility in other areas (e.g. the previously mentioned location, asset usage, professional control functions) of the service.

What open positions can be filled by the Onsite Outsourcing services?

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Onsite Outsourcing is a flexible solution and can be applied to a wide range of positions, starting from the simpler jobs, like financial assistant in charge of the invoicing processes or HR administrator, to the management roles such as CFO. There are only two preconditions for a successful OSO: openness and flexibility of the client. Many of our clients use this for lower or mid-level positions as testing, and as the benefits become evident, they are happy to extend the services to more and more complex tasks. In addition if a company involves an experienced person to their operation, this professional is able to identify areas for process improvement. This is a further benefit of OSO often resulting better, more efficient processes at the Client’s organization.

Why is it worth purchasing this service from an outsourcing accounting / payroll company?

Most recruiters are generalist, they are experts in the selection process but, in most cases, lacking industry-specific knowledge. The specialization matters here. Firstly, an interview run by a recruiter with a financial background is much more precise and targeted than one run by a generalist. In this case, the recruiter and the candidate speak the same technical language which dramatically enhances the quality of the selection.

Secondly, the industry-specific knowledge base and experiences of the professional outsourcing service provider ensure a high level of support and assistance to all staff. The assigned professionals can use both their company’s and colleague’s knowledge and best practices.

When is it worth having onsite accounting or payroll outsourcing services? 

  • Temporary assignment to positions that have been vacant for a longer time
  • Providing extra resources for specific projects
  • Temporary replacement of a colleague on maternity leave, long term sick leave or on assignment
  • In case of hiring freeze where the budget allows the purchase of similar services
  • In the case of newly established companies where there is no need for a full-time staff member, or it is necessary to determine whether a certain position is required
  • In case the company would like to test the skills and performance of a candidate before offering full employment

What are the advantages of onsite outsourcing services?

  • Access to the knowledge and the competence-base of the service provider even in the case of the assignment of a single specialist
  • Cost efficiency: the client does not have to allocate resources for training costs, extra benefits or bonus payments, the cost of the services is easily predictable.
  • Process efficiency and improvement: a real-time onsite service, there is no loss of time due to off-site communication issues. The well-trained onsite professionals do not only perform specific tasks but also look at the processes from a different point of view and using their accumulated knowledge they are able to contribute to the improvement of the processes.
  • Flexibility: service conditions can be changed during the contract based on the needs of the client.
  • Safety: OSO services are subject to strict confidentiality and data security liabilities.
  • Possibility for long-term cooperation: the proven professionals can later be employed by the client based on a mutual agreement if the project becomes permanent.

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