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Shelf company

A shelf company, also known as a ready-made company, is a company that has no activity and was incorporated for resale and future use. It is a totally empty entity, which has no liabilities or…

most popular extra-salary benefits with tax advantages granted by employers in Romania

Legislative News September2022

I ORDER no. 2.048/2022 of the Ministry of Finance regarding the completion of accounting Regulations applicable to economic operators

Published in the Official Gazette no. 878/07.09.2022 Completes the accounting regulations with the provisions of a European Directive. Multinational companies and autonomous enterprises will have a new transparency obligation, respectively they will have to publish an annual report on the profit tax paid, if the consolidated net turnover exceeded their balance sheet date, for each of the last two consecutive financial years, the amount of 3,700,000,000 lei (approximately 750,000 EUR). The rule will apply from January 1, 2023.

II ORDER no. 1.348/784/2022 of the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity and the National Institute of Statistics regarding the modification and completion of the Classification of occupations in Romania - occupation level (six characters), approved by Order of the Minister of Labour, Family and Social Protection and of the President of the National Institute of Statistics

Published in the Official Gazette no. 880/07.09.2022 Updates the Classification of Occupations in Romania (COR), by introducing 13 new occupations in the field of information technology (IT).
No. crt. Occupation name COR Code
1. Blockchain technology architect 251109
2. Digital game designer 216614
3. User interface developer 251211
4. Blockchain technology developer 251210
5. Digital game developer 251307
6. Search engine optimization expert 251306
7. Complex data engineer (big data) 251212
8. Integration engineer 251106
9. Cloud technologies engineer 251209
10. Computer vision engineer 251108
11. Web content manager 251305
12. Designer of intelligent IT systems 251107
13. Information and Communications Technology Operations Technician 351203

Legislative News August 2022

I ORDINANCE no. 18/2022 regarding the authorization and operation in Romania of the representative offices of foreign companies and economic organizations Published in the Official Gazette no. 779/04.08.2022 Implements a new procedure for the authorization…

Legislative News July 2022

I ORDER no. 1525/2022 on establishing the Procedure for granting fiscal facilities in the sector agricultural and food industry Published in the Official Gazette no. 661 / 01.07.2022 Approves the Procedure for granting tax facilities…

Legislative News June 2022

I. ORDER no. 1090/2022 regarding the approval of the Communication procedure by electronic means of communication between the central tax authority and individuals, companies and other entities without legal personality Published in the Official Gazette no.…

Legislative news May 2022

I. LAW no. 124/2022 on the approval of the Government Emergency Ordinance no.43/2021 for the extension of the term for submitting the annual declaration regarding the real beneficiary of the legal person, provided in art. 56…

Legislative news April 2022

I. LAW no. 72/2022 for the cancellation of some fiscal obligations and for the modification of some legislation Published in the Official Gazette no. 315/31.03.2022 1. Cancel the differences in principal and / or auxiliary…

Legislative news March 2022

I. Law no. 32/2022 for the approval of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 30/2021 regarding some fiscal measures. Approves the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 30/2021 regarding some fiscal measures. The ordinance establishes the procedure for applying the…

The infinite marathon

This is the time of the year when our profession is utterly busy and not stopping till all the Year-End Financial Statements are not submitted in Hungary. Heads down, doing your heavyweight efforts, day in…

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