Coronavirus crisis accelerates the digitalization – Process transformation in accounting and payroll

During the first weeks of the exposure to the new coronavirus pandemic, companies were busy with finetuning their BCP (Business Continuity Planning) policies and test whether it works well in real-life scenarios.

The buzz words of AI and RPA took the back seat and practical challenges become the driver of the digitalization exercise, like “do we have enough laptops and VPN connection” or “do our colleagues have good bandwidth internet to access the servers”, not to mention the GDPR rules in this new environments.

On the other hand, we believe that companies should find the opportunities during these difficult times to rethink the execution of their digital strategies with fixing the basics right this time. Electronic document capture or simple document archiving and workflow processes to minimize the physical touch of documents weren’t rocket science even 5-10 years ago, but companies had to be forced by a global pandemic to allocate them priority over other digital hypes.

Our key objective during the upcoming weeks is to show how paper turns to digital, offline turns to online, manual turns to automatized in the world of Accounting, Payroll and in the wider scheme of Business Process Outsourcing by this digital age. ​

Our first article is about using ECMS and DMS in the field of accounting and payroll.

You can read about the benefits of using business and financial reporting systems here.

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Coronavirus lead the implement of digitalization at companies



Daniela Zsigmond
MD Romania,

Rafał Nadolny
MD Poland,

Tamás Kovács
MD Hungary,

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