Iwona Michalik is onboard at BPiON Poland

BPiON is one of those lucky companies which had no difficulty moving into full remote operation within hours since we had already been providing our accounting and payroll outsourcing services in a fully digitalized environment.

On the other hand, luck usually comes as a result of hard work done by a great combination of excellent talents, since going and being digital does not only mean only purchasing IT equipment and licenses but its foundations should also be embedded in the culture of the organization. In order to infect the DNA of a company with a digital mindset, every organization needs high-qualified experts with a visionary approach.

Let us introduce one of these experts, Iwona Michalik, who has recently joined as Implementation Director at BPiON Poland.

Iwona Michalik - BPION Implementation Director

Iwona joined our Process & Digital Transformation Team just after shifting into full speed in Poland in Q4 2019. She is responsible for the accounting, HR & payroll process and service implementations for our Polish clients, technology support regarding digital solutions, process transformation, system, application, and interface management.

She has a solid technical and project management background with more than 20 years of professional experience with ERP system implementations (Scala, SAP, Teta). She spent 11 years in Business Process Outsourcing as an Implementation Director both at ADP Poland and Teta Services, then she held the position of Implementation Manager at HRK SA. She was responsible for more than 600 implementation projects.

Iwona said when she joined us: “I can fully identify myself with people and company culture at BPiON. I believe that their determination, growth mindset, and experience will allow me to develop.”

We are happy to work with Iwona, her experience and supportive approach is strengthening BPiON payroll and accounting services considerably.


Daniela Zsigmond
MD Romania,

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